Green environmental protection technology co., LTD. Was established in ma on shan2001Years,Located in anhui province maanshan huashan industrial clusters TaoDian road799Number。The company's registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan。Company existing staff105People,With professional and technical personnel30More than one。The main production and salesGLPGSeries disc vacuum filter、GLGYSeries of roller press and big size jig,Also produces ports with multiple stocks(8~12Shares)The cable rope machine、Some ships with military products and industrial filter cloth。
  From high、Intermediate technical staff of the domestic authority of filtering and rolling technology team,Choose the best of the domestic equipment,To provide users with complete technical design、Consultation、To guide the installation and debugging and after-sale technical service work。
  At present, the company has annual production6~120㎡GLPGSeries disc vacuum filter100~200Taiwan/Sets,AndGLGYSeries of roller press20~30Taiwan/Set of capabilities。Is the specialized production series disc vacuum filter and important rolling machine manufacturers。
  The company always adhere to the quality first,The user is supreme,Technology、The concept of management innovation,Pioneering spirit,Improve company production The quality of the product。In strict accordance with theISO9001Production quality system management。Doing well、Do our products,For the society、Creating value for customers is our goal。
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Address:Anhui province maanshan TaoDian road799Number
The phone:(0555)3507991、3507897、3507961、3502981、3507971
Zip code:243000
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